Okie Dairy Goat Farm

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Okie Dairy Goat Farm

Currently Under Construction!

Okie Dairy Goat Farm is located in Broken Arrow, OK. The farm has Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Nubian and Nubian dairy goats along with Livestock Guard Dogs. 

Our mission is to improve our herd with each year's kids and by purchasing goats that will be used to improve our herd.

Okie Dairy Goat Farm main focus on our goats are conformation, milk production and improving the our herd to meet the standards set by ADGA, AGS and MDGA.

We are members of ADGA, AGS, MDGA and TMGR. We will start participating in the ADGA Plus program in 2018 and will be Linear Testing and Milk Testing. We will be showing our goats in ADGA shows and online shows.

Nigerian Dwarf 2018 Breedings
Hot Mess Nuc PB Excellent pedigree.
Spitfire Nuc PB Excellent pedigree.
Halo Nuc PB Excellent pedigree.

Mini Nubian 2018 Breedings
Tizzy Skye PB Great milking.
Sunshine Barron PB Great milking.
Bliss Barron PB Blue eyes possible.
Ivanka Skye F4 Moonspots possible.
Mary Barron F3 Blue eyes possible.